AngelRoot Screen

To date, the lion’s share of work that we’ve done as a collective is centered around, an online destination targeted towards entrepreneurs, university IP custodians, angel investors, and mentors for their respective purposes regarding early stage ventures. On the surface, it may seem like another Gust or LinkedIn, but differ in two major aspects:

  1. A focus on predetermined communities vs. personal relationships (i.e., industry, occupation, universities); and
  2. A focus only in the startup world (i.e., entrepreneurs, university IP custodians, angel investors, mentors).

In short, we’d like to call this a digital platform of global crossroads where human capital and investment capital coalesce with big ideas and significant technologies. It’s through this online property that we’ve established a shared revenue fund for charities with an entrepreneurial focus, university affinity clubs, business development organizations, and professional associations that are nominated and voted on by network members.


With a majority of members having deep roots in the startup world (both as entrepreneurs and angels), we also have a certain proclivity to offer consulting services, just because we can’t stay away from the action. With a diverse background in industries, experience in different life cycles of companies, and perspectives from both sides of the table, we, The Protagonists, can offer unique perspectives on operational due diligence for other angels; actionable consultation for upstarts and their founding members; strategic consulting for new product launches; and growth plans for small-to-medium sized enterprises.